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The Story ...

In 1853 our village was named after the Governor of the Cape, Sir Charles Henry Darling. In those days Cape Town was three days walk away. Although historic sources tell us the former Cape Governor never visited Darling, we found evidence that this might not be true.


Why did he choose this little valley in the Swartland for the settlement? Was it because of the stunning flowers or the colourful birds? Was he searching for hills to grow vines better than the French Huguenots did or the finest water to brew beer?


Older people in the village tell us the story of a precious treasure, Sir Charles H. Darling carried over the Darling Hills in an ox wagon. Therefore Darling is well known amongst scientists and treasure hunters.


Although they were digging around Darling nobody has managed to find the treasure so far. The mystery remains unsolved.


Before Sir Charles H. Darling died, he wrote down a mysterious and intriguing story, mentioning a treasure, various trails, secret installations and strange riddles.


Fragments of the mysterious story still exist. You can put them together on the Darling Mystery Trail. 

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